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What Am I? Elizabeth Fletcher

What Am I?

Elizabeth Fletcher

Published 1977
ISBN : 9780448130118
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 About the Book 

My Mom read this to Julia yesterday and I just read it myself before starting this review because when I review childrens books that Julia has read I like to put (if I can) both of our opinions in.Both my Mom and Julia liked this one and I think itd be a real hit with kids a little younger than Julia. Julia has fun with it in that way that a 5 year old has fun doing something a 2 year old would do.Id recommend it for any age really but targeting a baby learning animals sounds and habitats and the like up to, well, Julia is 5 and she liked it.The book is a bunch of passages about a baby animal and after a short paragraph, usually two or three sentences, the question put to the reader is What am I?. This would be a great aid in teaching children the correct names for baby animals. Some of the everyday baby animals included are foals, kittens puppies, etc. Some of the possibly lesser known animals are the cygnet, kids, goslings, the lerevret, etc. (Should I admit now or later - or never - that I learned a thing or two from this?)Each passage has a two page spread, the text one the left and the illustration on the right. The illustrations are cute, no more than average though.Example:Im fluffy and playful with four, soft paws,If teases or angry, I scratch with my claws.My mothers roar is loud, fierce and strong,She roams in the jungle where we belong.What am I?a cub(a baby lion)