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The Zodiac Code Chris Patrick

The Zodiac Code

Chris Patrick

Kindle Edition
105 pages
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 About the Book 

What do the ancient 48 astronomical signs have to do with God and the Bible? The answer is that God created and named the stars and constellations long before diabolical forces conspired to corrupt the true purpose of the Zodiac.God said to let the stars be for signs and Psalms 19:2 says the heavens reveal knowledge at night. The Zodiac Code deciphers three keys that unlock an ancient hidden message in the stars.Learn what the stars reveal about the past, present and future plan of God for mankind. Youll also learn about a new stars message concerning the return of Jesus Christ and the rapture--the catching away of the Church.The Zodiac Code exposes the deception of astrology while revealing Jesus from His birth, to the final judgment to come. Discover what the Wise Men of the Bible knew about the greatest story ever told!The Zodiac Code is true to the Word of God and the astronomical signs in the heavens. It bears witness to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Millard Box, Chaplain, Sonlight Broadcasting